No Adobe Support for Sigma Merril

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The calculation:

How many Merrill cameras have been sold? Let's assume: 10000 (SD1[M] + DPxM). How many will be sold in future... let's say 10000.

How many Merrill cameras per buyer? Maybe: 1.3

Let's assume that 30% of those are interested in Lightroom support for the Merrills.

Some of those will already have Lightroom - maybe 50%.

Of those remaining, how many will actually buy Lightroom and won't got for an "extended" trial period? Maybe 30%.

So we have 20000 / 1.3 * 30% * 50% * 30% = 700 potential buyers.

So the support for the Merrils should not cost more than 700 * 80€ = 56000€.

That's is what a programmer earns per month. Adobe wants to make some money, so Merrill-X3F support better should not cost more than two man weeks (10 days).

That's 10 days to deal with the Foveon data, create camera profiles and maybe lens profiles. Even robustly (= no crash on corrupted data, buffer overflow checks, sanity checks) parsing a binary format takes some days. Hey Roland, how did it take to write the parser? Now add the hassle to deal with the Foveon specifics...

Based on that, it is highly unlikely that we will see Lr support for the Merrills.

Maybe my guestimated numbers are wrong...



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