Are Canon pro shutters quieter than Nikons?

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Re: It's not the shutter

Benefitiing in what? There is no report that a mirror from a 1D model fell apart My shutters & mirrors used to work more than 200.000 klicks. But the shutter/mirrow sound from a 1D model is much quiter and less vibration in the camera. It is much more comfortable to use.  When I jumped to Nikon in 2008 and fired the D3 first time I was scared, because of the noise it made. I asked my dealer if the cam has a problem Well I got used to it over the years. Funny was that my D3X was quiter than my D3 and the my D4 is as loud as my D3, just sounds different. My D800E is quieter than my D4.

To sum it up, no DSLR model are really good for classical concerts.

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It is not the shutter, it's the mirror. The Canon mirror slaps and doesn't sound a solid thunk like the Nikon. If you look at the slow motion videos of the Canon cameras, they bounce the mirror. The Nikon has a firmer action that brings the mirror up much faster for less black out time between shots and that makes more noise.

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Interesting Chris. Is it true? I don't pore over spec sheets. But if there are good reasons for the loud sound of Nikons it would be a nice thing to know. I wouldn't mind the loud sound if I knew that I actually benefitted from it.

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