85mm redundant with a 70-200mm?

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Re: 85mm redundant with a 70-200mm?

cleeNikon wrote:

Considering the price drops of Nikkor lenses until 3/2/13, I have been seriously considering picking up the 85mm 1.8f (or 1.4 more on that later in post).

My question, is it redundant to have both the 85mm prime if I already have the 70-200mm 2.8? The reason for the 85mm is based on the size, weight, and low light capability.

I think it's a no brainer, especially since the 1.8 version is priced at $400 USD. Is the 1.4 truly worth the extra $1000 USD? Can someone tell me how they justified the extra cost of the 1.4 over the 1.8; how much improvement will one see of a 1.4 vs. 1.8? Considering the build quality, will the 1.4 be better long term (longer then 10+ years)?

I have a FX body and do not mind increasing ISO if needed. Thanks for the help in advance!

Like everyone else here apparently, I have both and love the 70-200, but use the 85 1.8g far more frequently because of its diminutive size and weight.  It is a finicky little lens that takes some practice to optimize its potential and it is prone to some CA, but is far more flare resistant than my 70-200 and its sharpness packs a wallop.

I do not think the 1.4 is worth the size/weight advantage irrespective of its "magical" bokeh and the $1000 premium (I am still waiting for the mythical 135 f/1.8 for that).  I can, however, take the 85 1.8 anywhere, including NBA games, and it fits nicely in my pocket and get better shots than the pros from my seats.  The focus is also extremely fast and accurate for those fleeting moments potentially missed by the 1.4.  I have no experience with the sigma, so I cannot report on it.

All, who have responded so far share the general consensus that the 85 compliments the 70-200 nicely, but it seems that reasonable people can disagree on which 85 is best suited for their needs and fits their budgetary restraints.  However, at $400, I seriously doubt you will have any real heartburn in acquiring the 85 1.8g.  In ten years, who knows whether any of the aforementioned lenses will measure up,  You can't expect pragmatism (or impartiality for that matter) when we all suffer from the habitual necessity to acquire the best we can, as fast as we can, for as long as we can sustain our obsessions, can you?

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