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Re: If you want the sensor and the reach

AdamT wrote:

If you want the G15-like sensor and the reach then there`s one answer - the Nikon P7700 and that`s the direction I`d go in myself if I didn`t have the combo of G1X (which offers far better quality than the 7700) and SX50 (which offers infinatly more reach) ..

A good tradeoff from the samples I`ve seen - I liked the older P7000 very much when I had one bar the RAW write time and some lens related issues which were cured in the 7700 .

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Yeah, I agree, the p7700 would be the best bet.

Zoom range and low light performance are somewhat opposites - the p7700 is the best available right now for what you're asking for - the Panasonic lx7 (or Samsung ex2f) have an f1.4 lens which is better than the f2.0 on the p7700 - but doesn't have nearly the zoom range. And there's many compacts zooms that zoom further, but have worse low light performance. The Sony rx100 is the best compact for low light it's f1.8 lens and at-least-twice-as-large sensor - but  again, not a ton of zoom.

And it depends on what size of camera you want to - the s100 goes to 120mm (though the p7700 goes to 200m), and is far more "jeans pocketable" than the p7700.

But if you're good with the p7700's size, it seems like the best camera available for your criteria.

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