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Re: An odd bird

The GXR and K-01 both being live-view at their core are probably better targets for manual focus lenses than a K-5 especially if you've had issues focusing before.

I don't know Pentax at all - are there any other focus aides for their DSLRs?

My Nikon D800 has a focus confirmation dot and arrows indicating which direction to move focus toward or away, but I find it not as easy to use (or requiring more getting used to might be more accurate) as Ricoh focus peaking when used with or without magnification on the GXR. I still find superior (to Sony at least) Ricoh's two focus assist modes plus magnification and how it can be configured to get out of your way with a half press of the shutter.

It would sure be nice to experience both before having to make a decision. Sorry, can't be of any help there!

Speaking of Sony, mounting the K lenses on NEX is also an option. I was very happy with how my Contax lenses performed on NEX but haven't got around to trying them out on the GXR yet. Hmnn... I can't believe I've not explored that yet. Time to find a C/Y->M adapter!

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