Move to FF lens question

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Re: Move to FF lens question

Donald Duck wrote:

Sovern wrote:

You must have heard the argument that the 24-105 can do more than the 17-55 on crop.

I also don't buy it. Why don't we go all of the way and say that the 24-105 also doesn't do what a f2.8 lens does on medium format.

17-55 is a faster lens by a stop.

It lets less light in, by about 1/3 stop (the 17-55 on crop, the 24-105 on FF). The rest is ignorance.

It's not ignorance its F2.8 light wise and DOF wise. Frame a shot with the 17-50 at 50mm and the 24-105 at 50mm on a FF body with both bodys at the same distance from subject and the F2.8 17-55 will produce more background blur and let more light in.

You make things over complicated if we had Medium Format users on here I bet that you would tell them to multiply their Medium Format lenses by 2.5X to get the light let in and DOF produced on FF body's.


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