No Adobe Support for Sigma Merril

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Re: So you've written Adobe, right?

mordicai wrote:

Funny Richard, I have two of your products but can't remember ever writing to ask to you to procduce them. Are you really suggesting that Adobe is so out of touch with the photographic community on the web that they don't know that Merril owners are hoping for support from Lightroom. Jeff Schewe and Mr Chan are two LR engineers who are prolific contributers on Luminous Lightroom, and we all know Michaels feelings about Sigma software. Come on Richard, hyou can't be serious.

It's not the same thing. Designing a grip for the Sigma doesn't have to be a complicated process (it can be, of course). Designing software is a very complicated process. Sigma may not be giving Adobe the information they need to create the RAW interpreter and Adobe doesn't want to invest the R&D time to get it to figure it out. Or Sigma has given it, but it will take X number of hours to develop and test the solution, but Adobe doesn't feel that it will generate enough new sales of software to make it worthwhile.

I mean, their market research may show that there are only 1000 potential Sigma buyers who would also buy Lightroom or Photoshop, and they would need to expect to sell at least 10,000 copies of Lightroom for it to make sense. (just to make up numbers)

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