Nikon Lens Rebates and the D600

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Re: Nikon Lens Rebates and the D600

Rich Rosen wrote:

SethG wrote:

What about the 24-120?

As i was writing my answer to the OP, I thought about the 24-120, which is a very compelling lens. However. I felt that the 24-70 and 70-200 was a better answer because the image and low light capability is lot better than with a 24-120, 70-200. I also feel that the four lens combo will produce even better quality than either of the first two options. Of course, prime lenses can be a pain, but the trade off is image quality.

The second reason I didn't recommend the 24-120 is that I do not have that lens whereas I do have a 28-70, 70-200 combination as well as a 50 1.8g and 85 1.4D. I did own the first 24-120D. It was a good travel lens, but I sold it to make way for "the holy trinity." I know this edition of the 24-120 is a lot different from what I owned, but its purpose as a walkabout/ travel lens has not. I get the feeling that the OP wanted a little bit more in his lens choices than the 24-120.

That's good not recommend equipment that you, yourself, don't have/use. I got a D600 in December, and got shorter 2/3 of the Holy Trinity a year ago, but for $1000, I'm getting the 24-120. It's just too good of a spec as a walk-around lens. The 24-70 is a little short.

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