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Re: An odd bird

Dennis - with your existing collection of K mount lenses and no K mount body to put them on, clearly you are a target for the K-01. Or a K-5 or K-5S DSLR.

Which would be a better host, the GXR Mount A12 or the K-01? The K-5S of course.

Ok, just considering the GXR and K-01 alone and just their sensors: 16MP sensor vs 12MP - the raw numbers suggest not a huge improvement in resolution but the sensor in the K-01 (same as NEX-5N, NEX-6) is excellent. If the sensor properly supports the lenses mounted in front of it, then it will out perform the aging Mount A12 sensor.

The GXR's Mount A12 anti-alias filter free sensor package does allow great lenses to deliver all they can, limited to the resolution afforded by the 12MP sensor. I found when shooting at middle to long distances detailed subjects with lenses capable of very high resolution, the limited resolution of the sensor can get in the way.

But here's the rub - those same lenses didn't perform to their highest level when mounted on the NEX series cameras;. With my rangefinder wides central resolution was excellent on NEX-5N but not always to the edges; on the GXR the same lenses show excellent resolution across the sensor.

So... it's not an easy question to answer if just looking at sensor differences. SLR lenses ought to perform well on either sensor and SLR wides ought to perform better on the NEX/K-01 sensors because the angle of incidence, typically, from SLR lenses is shallower than from compact mirrorless lenses of the same focal length.

This all said if either camera provides the capabilities you want, go with the more modern sensor. If missing features make your decision easier for you, the GXR's 12MP sensor can still churn out excellent images.

Maybe the right answer is a K-5 IIS DSLR. 16MP, no anti-alias filter, has a viewfinder, etc.

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