OM-D EM-5 has green pixel dot just off center of live view display and EVF??

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Re: OM-D EM-5 has green pixel dot just off center of live view display and EVF??

JoeMoMo wrote:

Rick Baumhauer wrote:

It's a stuck green pixel. All sensors have them, even from the factory, but there is a 'map' that tells the camera which pixels to ignore. You're not seeing it in your downloaded shots because just about all RAW converters automatically detect stuck pixels and replace with data from surrounding pixels.

Good news is that you can update the map - on the OM-D, go to Gears menu > K (Utility) > Pixel Mapping - tap OK, then OK again to start. After the process completes, you shouldn't see the green pixel any more.

Thanks Rick!! After I posted, I did a little more searching and found references to 'hot pixels'. So I did the pixel map just like you suggested and it went away. I never had this problem on my Pentax K-7 or perhaps never noticed since I only used the OVF.

Is there some kind of threshold for how many times this would have to happen before it did have an impact on my photos? Clearly I'm probably being a bit paranoid At least we have the ability to correct, which I've read isn't that common except on the higher end cameras.

Happy to help, even if you found the answer before you saw my post

I can still remember that sinking feeling when I suddenly noticed a stuck pixel in a bunch of JPEGs (the RAWs were fine because RAW converters deal with them) from one of my OM-Ds a few months ago. Then I remembered that there was something hiding in a menu somewhere that might deal with them, found it, and was happy to discover that it worked like a charm. Since I usually submit JPEGs whenever possible, it was nice to know that I wouldn't have to fix that stuck pixel on every shot going forward. It's definitely a nice feature.

Because of the way Bayer filtering works, there is always reasonably accurate data surrounding the stuck pixel, so you'd probably need to get really unlucky and get a large group fairly close together to  ever notice a problem.

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