Lenses for Olympus OM-D EM-5

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Re: 12-50 for the Olympus OM-D EM-5

BHPhotog wrote:

Go with the 12-50 kit lens. Don't be put off my the folks who dump on this lens, just try it and see for yourself.

I've owned and used Pentax and Nikon DSLR lenses, kits, upgraded zooms and some of the very best primes. The 12-50 is as good as any basic zoom, better than some, and delivers 90+percent of the image quality of many primes.

Some folks hate zooms, others just really dislike this lens for their own reason(s). The data will confound you, so just try it out and see; test numbers are just that, the proof is using the lens out in the real world.

The 12-50 is a great "walk around" range. It is designed for this camera, with a robust features set that no other "kit" lens can touch, features that very few MTF lenses have and none at this price point, e.g., weather sealing, both power and manual zoom, a nifty "macro" feature (no it isn't a true macro lens, but it's always there and easy to use).

In other words, don't let excellence be the enemy of the good. The 12-50 is a good lens. And it will let you see what focal length you like to work with if you want/need a fast prime down the road.

Good luck, and enjoy the camera.

I like this advice, and I like the 12-50. One thing though, it is pretty big, and so may not be the best choice for street. You could consider getting the body only, and the 20mm  Lumix pancake, a nice fast lens, good focal length and low profile for street. Just a thought.

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