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Re: Didn't work for me

Horshack wrote:

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Horshack wrote:

Hmmm....many have reported DotTune matching their Focal results. Did you use the same target for both?

Yes, same target, my LensCal, for both with the 2 black and white square exactly in the middle with the spot AF in both cases. One shot AF single shot drive in both cases.

I own a 7D but unfortunately it's not with me. I did all my testing on a 5DM3, which DotTunes very well. It's hard for me to troubleshoot without a 7D in my hands unfortunately. Can you give me a sense of what the VF confirmation feedback was like for the confirmed range you found? Did any of the tune values have any lag between the shutter half-press and green dot, even if only a tiny lag? Did you get any flickering green in the 5 seconds for any of those confirmed values?

Once I figured out that I needed to be in one shot af,  single shot, spot af. I did not use the half-press on the shutter, I used the back AF-ON button. The only time that I touched the lens was when switched from af to manual. Tripod and IS off.

MFA add 1 or subtract 1, then af-on, green dot solid or not. I checked the youtube video, and I followed the instructions and did the same.

No lag, that I noticed, immediately solid, those are the numbers I used.  No flickering at all, it was on or not at all, never got any flickering. +17 sold confirmation, +18 nothing blank.

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