Whale watching with an OMD

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Re: Your flickr set is magnificent.

pegasus1457 wrote:

I don't know whether you did this, but a Nat Geo photographer taught me to use rapid-fire (multiple exposures) when trying to capture something as unpredictable a marine mammal breaching.

tried a mixture of continuos and single shot... actually did 4 trips on the boat... the last trip was the best... problem with continuous on the OMD that the evf never keeps up with the action well and not sure the focus constantly recalibrates. So I resorted to more controlled stabbing of the shutter, which seemed to produce better results

as you will see from my other flickr images, this kind of photography is not my normal genre

I saw breachings at a distance but never as a photo opportunity ... to get one of those you have to have a lot of patience, time and oodles of luck.... still it is a magnificent sight!!!

My partner was shooting with a Leica rangefinder... and that has the advantage that you see beyond what the lens sees... disadvantage is that they dont really make long lenses for that camera..that and the price


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