New to Printing - What is the best 100% Cotton Paper for printing Color Landscape Photos

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Re: New to Printing - What is the best 100% Cotton Paper for printing Color Landscape Photos

krismeaney wrote:

So for canvas prints, you suggested a cheap alternative is Costco.... How does the quality compare say to redriver... and I dont have a costco membership so I was thinking a cheap alternative would be FedEx Canvas prints, is this a decent option, is it considered cheap, and what about their quality compared??

Is FedEx Canvas a good option?


I was referring to Costco in terms of non-canvas printing and as an alternative to a pro lab. Costco tends to stand above the typical mass-market photo operation because you can download their printer profiles online (via DryCreek Photo) and perform softproofing, and request that they do not sharpen your files on top of the sharpening you have performed. This is only for paper-based prints and not for canvas.

I don't know much about canvas prints. I've seen a few that look pretty good, and more that look like fake paintings, but really it depends on the context of the presentation. I show my work in art galleries that mostly offer photographic work printed on paper, matted, and traditionally framed. To me canvas is closer in spirit to a home decor context and that's mostly a market that I don't participate in--nothing inherently "wrong," just my own choice.

Since you are new to printing, it may be worthwhile in the long term to get the same image printed in different materials (might as well do metal too), just so you get to learn the requirements and textures and limitations of each. It will cost you a couple of hundred bucks, but spending money is the nature of both photography and doing this as a business.


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