Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: What will survive in mirrorless?

At this point I think that the only slot left free is a Leica substitute, i.e. mirrorless 135.

Sony already took the opening shot, but other makers are rumoured to work on their own models, including Fuji.

Fuji is the odd man out: it has the least market share in mirrorless, and what is worse a flat sales curve. All I can say is that their product is desirable, but it suffers of not being m4/3: lenses are too big in comparison, they have optical problems with wides.

Fuji however is a giant in photography, because of film, so they might have very deep pockets for investment, and they hit the mark with a terrific sensor. So on the basis of sensor alone, and industrial size, they might fight Sony for predominance. Remember, these have been called the Sensor Wars.

Nonetheless I believe that m4/3 will stay central to mirrorless. APS does need microlenses for wides and therefore is needlessly expensive in that focal range, Fuji super wide is 900 $! The 28mm eq. is mediocre.

None of the others have a flexible, relatively cheap 9-18.


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