Which lens to buy for a cruise

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Donald Duck
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Re: Which lens to buy for a cruise

I have taken such cruises several times and I am going there in March as well.

My 70-200 remained mostly unused on the beaches and around the ship but ... I used it almost every night during the shows. The shows are very well staged, very colorful and very well lit. F/4 was more than enough.

WA or UWA is very useful. The 17-40 would be enough for most purposes, but I always bring 1-2 fast primes, so if you do not have anything faster, get the 16-35.

Most of the time however, the 24-105 was all I needed, at f/8-f/11. There is no such thing as low light at those beaches, you know, and you did not go there to blur the background.

BTW, this time I am taking my new toy, the 15mm fisheye. It was not easy to find a used one in great condition but Adorama solved my problem.

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