would you swap your zooms for primes?

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Re: No, they have different purposes. And on what camera?

Richard wrote:

joejack951 wrote:

Richard wrote:

A lens my be not a good focal length on one but great on the other.

Ok, I'll bite. What's a "good" focal length on one sensor size that's not "great" on the other?

Ok bit this.. I love the saying, Ok I'll bite. As if one goes fishing and the other wants to be caught.

It seemed like such a ridiculous statement to me that I figured you were either fishing or perhaps just hadn't thought it through much. Or maybe I was just in a mood to disagree

A 70-200 2.8 may be perfect for printing large images of sports on an 7d, but would not on the original 5d for a number of reason.

Hmmm, I don't follow. How does using the wrong lens on a camera for a given application (ignoring how debatable your example is) make that lens a poor focal length on a camera? Wedding photographers seem to have a 70-200 glued to their full frame cameras for their work. I see sports photographers shooting 1D's and D3/4's using 70-200s in addition to their supertelephotos all the time. Ironically, I have a 24" x 36" print on the wall shot by our wedding photographer using a 70-200/2.8 on an original 5D. Impresses plenty of guests.

While a 24-70 2.8 makes for a good zoom for a FF but as many pros have said, not as useful on a crop sensor.

Not as useful to someone who needs a true 24mm wide lens but 36-105mm includes a whole lot of popular focal lengths. For portraits, both outdoors and in a studio, I think it's hard to beat a 24-70/2.8 on a crop camera (assuming one doesn't own a full frame camera and an f/4 standard zoom).

My 400 2.8 gives me a good framing on the 7d for certain sports and certain distances. But I do fear that when it goes onto a ff when I purchase one, I will lose half the resolution, on a 5d3 I would go to 10mp and I do crop on the 7d so I could go down to less than 7mp, not so good for large printing.

All depends on what you are shooting. For outdoor field sports, a 400/2.8 on a full frame camera has to be an awesome combination. I've never had the opportunity to use one but again, all those sports photographers I see using them must know something. I have shot a 120-300/2.8 on a crop camera so I sort of know the feeling (minus a stop of subject isolation).

For small birds, I could easily see the 400/2.8 being too short though, even on a crop camera.

So what I will be doing is keeping both cameras.

Makes plenty of sense, but the rest of your post sure didn't.

But my point in the post was that people talk about focal lengths without including the size of a sensor which does make a difference when choosing focal lengths that meant for a certain kind of photography.

This thread had nothing to do with choosing proper focal lengths for a certain of photography. And the 1.5/1.6X crop hardly makes a lens useful for a certain type of photography no longer useful for that purpose either as I've attempted to illustrate.

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