XPro-1 maybe not for legacy glass, leica users

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Re: Have you tried the evf on the nex7?

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Holy necro! I picked up an X-Pro 1 last week. I love: the handling (aside from no film advance lever which evidently I use to hold the camera), the build, the looks (for the most part), but as I mentioned firstly, the OVF is crap and doesn't work at all for focusing. I don't think Fuji will implement manual focusing aids in the OVF (I don't care about an EVF with aids - that is mandatory), so the OVF will likely remain an academic spec for me.

I will not use Fuji lenses unless there is one that fits a certain FL that isn't available in staid mounts. I use 105/2,5 Nikkor in LTM, 35/2 Canon in LTM, and 35/2 Zeiss in LTM. When Fuji can put out a slightly higher resolution camera, I may replace my Nikon setup (macro for studio work) as the EVF's WSIWYG is better than on the D800 (which is my work camera).

Till then, the FUji is just a fun smaller, more ergonomic camera to take around with me.

Take a look at the 18-55 zoom if you are OK with zoom lenses. I shoot prime mostly but that Fuji zoom and with OIS and AF is a VERY sharp lens. Very handy for general shooting.

I do not like my NEX kit zoom but the Fuji is in a different class.

PS - I have a 70's Nikkor 105/2.5 as well. Metal hood, color coded aperture marking. LOL

Ah, the SLR 105/2,5? I have one of those as well. I should have said 10,5/2,5 LTM. No colours to speak of, only engraved feet measures. Rotating front element. Super sharp, super nice bokeh.

I don't like investing in single-system lenses, especially that have no mechanics at all. The 18-55 is a VERY sharp lens, as are all Fuji's lenses. They are wonderful. But not for me. If I can't use them on other systems I won't buy them. If they don't respond to my touch (the lens, not an electronic relay system), then I won't think about it.

I realise they are amazing performing lenses, but performance is only one benchmark I consider: ergonomics, utility, universality are more important to me. Of course, I want a lens that isn't too dull and my Cosina/Zeiss 35/2 ZM isn't bad and my Canon 35/2 LTM is pretty much as sharp as an LTM lens gets.

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