Will Aperature or LR utilize all the available RAM?

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Re: Will Aperature or LR utilize all the available RAM?

Any 64-bit application will be ready to use more than 4GB, and I have certainly seen Lightroom go beyond the 10GB I have at times, because it caused OS X to start creating virtual memory swap files.

There is no hard and fast rule, but in general, the more you ask the computer to do the more RAM it might use; and also, the bigger your files are the more RAM it will need. A 36 megapixel image will need much more RAM to process it than a 10 megapixel image.

If you said you work on little web images one at a time, with only one program open at a time, 4GB is an OK amount of RAM.

But if you said you like to have 3 big graphics apps open all the time (like Lightroom/Photoshop/Final Cut), with 5 other apps also open (Mail, Web browser with 12 tabs open, iTunes playing music, Word), and you are exporting raw-to-JPEG files in Lightroom in the background while assembling a panorama or HDR in Photoshop from seven 24-megapixel images...chances are you would be subjecting your Mac to heavy RAM demands and 16GB+ would be recommended.

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