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Re: Here's the niche for DSLRs

My conclusion from your posts would be, just as John told you: there is a niche for someone who know what they are doing - not for DSLR or P&S or MILC or cameraphone. Notice that you started with "I wish I could put DSLR or MILC in hands of each volunteer" and ended with "teach them how to do that because even those with DSLRs have no idea how to get a good shot." I am sure your little town (tongue firmly in cheek) has one or two decent photographers, either pros or advanced enthusiasts... it's an attempt to get the professional result from amateurish volunteers that leads to a failure.

If budget constraints don't allow any spending at all for photos, well... it's a matter of a coin toss then. In my experience though (may not be your situation, so no offense, OK?), non-profits have enough money for many things but photography is almost never one of them. Somehow they pay writers, printers, executives, plumbers, electricians, but when it comes to photographers it's "do it for exposure, we will credit an image to you." Haven't seen any offering windows installer to replace a window for free and get exposure, or plumber to fix a leaking pipe and get credit label on it, but photographer is a fair game somehow. Sure, proliferation of digital cameras made everyone a photographer, but you see the result...

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