Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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I'm rather grateful for tiny Nikon 1 Series Sensor; it buys time for m43 to mature

tedolf wrote:

kkardster wrote:

Ooh - Pink!

you folks are so down on the Nikon 1 system.

If you are interested in telephoto work (soccer moms), on fast moving outdoor subjects that need tracking AF (soccer moms) without a lot of manual control (soccer moms), or shallow DOF (soccer moms) and good video (soccer moms) it is a perfect camera.

Better than u 4/3 for that purpose.

All kidding aside, I'm rather grateful to Nikon 1 series for buying times for MFT system to mature.  Had Nikon introduced a killer APS-C mirrorless with PDAF/CDAF hybrid AF system, Nikon would have easily dominated the mirror-less market.  That camera would cut the flow of Canon/Nikon exodus from buying into Micro43.

I should know, I was holding out for that Nikon killer APS-C DX mirrorless camera. When I learn about the 1 series, I given up waiting for canon/nikon and bought into M43.  I suspect many current EM5/GH2 owners would also have stay with either canon or nikon had they introduced an APS-C mirrorless with a decent performance.

Anyhow, all that is water under the bridge.  I still expect Nikon to cancel 1 series sooner or later and finally release a DX (aps-c) mirrorless that enthusiast wants.

Aston Kutcher jokes aside, Nikon "1" series truly is targeted @Japanese women though.  Its no different than Canon Rebel DSLR, which is affectionately known as "KISS" in JAPAN and is suppose to only appeal to women.  But her in USA, it is marked as REBEL to appeal to MEN as well.

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