Help with Lightroom 4....Please

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Re: Help with Lightroom 4....Please

Dr Hal wrote:

When I bought Lightroom 4, I bought Scott Kelby's book for my Kindle and it has helped me very much and I really like using Lightroom. I am having one HUGE problem that I am ashamed to admit but I cannot find the answer. I import my files into Lightroom and store them in files on a hard disc just as Scott Kelby said and I can find the files with no problem. The problem is: I cannot get the files back into Lightroom again to use them if I want to go back and work on a file that has been previously imported back into my Lightroom program to adjust. I just get a message that the file has been previously imported into Lightroom. How do I get a file that I have previously imported back into my Lightroom so that I can make further adjustments on it? I know that it is something simple but I just cannot find it and I have spent hours looking through Kelby's book.

Thank you for your help.


I'm going to come at this from another angle.  When I read as written above, "The problem is...." it seems to me your'e trying to work on an image file you've already worked on and either make more adjustments to it or start making new adjustments from scratch, but without changing the one you've already worked on.  If that's the case (and I may be wrong here) then right click on the image you want to work on, and down the list is Create Virtual Copy.  A copy will be made and a little page turn symbol will appear in the lower left of the image to show it's a copy.  Click on the Develop module and either make further adjustment or click Reset and clear all the adjustments you've made and start from scratch.  In order for it to be a real and virtual file, you would have to export it in the file type of your choice.

I'm not sure if this is what you were asking.

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