Photo management questions

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Carey Brown
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Re: Photo management questions

I just looked up LR's price at B&H, $130. It seems like your hesitation is about the price. I find I don't hesitate when the price of a software package is below $100 but when it's more I think twice about it. I sprung for the 1st edition of LR for $300 when it came out and it was worth every penny. You'll get a lot of software for your $130.

Regarding DNG, when I first read about it I thought it was a wonderful idea and I kept hoping the industry would adopt it as a standard. Sadly, that is not the case. Right now if you convert to DNG you are pretty much locked in to Adobe whereas XMP files seem to be accepted by all editors that deal with RAW images, though I'll admit they are more of a pain to manage. With LR I actually don't create XMP files I just use the LR database. This doesn't really lock me in to LR because I can ask LR to create the XMP files any time I really need one (haven't so far).

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