D700 to D600, any thoughts?

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Re: D700 to D600, any thoughts?

Whether or not a replacement for the D700 is coming soon is debatable, and what this camera would be if it were to come is unknown. Would it use the D600 sensor? The D4 sensor? What is it competing against? The D800 is the match for the 5DIII, the D600 for the 6D.  I don't think there's a gaping hole in their lineup that represents a large untapped market.  Would some people like a D701 that was essentially a D4 in a D800 body? Yes, but it may also eat into sales of those 2 models, so they aren't going to do it any time soon.

But that's guess, just like any counter argument will be. What we have are the cameras that are here. At the time the D700 was introduced, it was the cheapest FX option.  People who didn't need a pro body (read: still pristine D700) still had to buy one if they wanted FX.  Likewise people who didn't need the best lowlight AF had no choice.  Now there is a more of a choice. I don't do a lot of lowlight shooting of critical shots like a wedding shooter, so I can't speak to its AF in these conditions, but in general use, the D600 AF module is very fast and accurate and I believe the reviews concur.  We don't know what the OPs needs are, but the primary concern is IQ, the D600 is a step up from the D700 IMO.

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