Newbie Android user has some questions

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Re: Newbie Android user has some questions

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Rossuziers wrote:

I'll assume when a forced closed app goes dark it's not runnin'.. Maybe upon exiting & re-entering the runnin' app screen, maybe, they'll disappear, maybe not...

I tried this. They did not disappear. The only way I have found to remove them from the Running list is to reboot the phone.

Hold down the 'Home' button, it will bring up a list of recent apps. Swipe them away to get rid of them.

With Android though, Apps sitting in the background don't really matter - unless they're 'active' (like a music player app playing music), they're not actually using any power - they're just parked in the RAM, and empty RAM uses exactly the same amount of power as used RAM. And if they are active, Android will mop them up on its own when they're done doing whatever they're doing.

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