Photographed with the a65

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Re: Photographed with the a65

james2k50 wrote:

howmanyds wrote:

Stunning use of those clouds! And that blue boat! Just amazing.

How do you manage good shots in low light without noise? Bright lens?

Yes, a bright lens and staying with low ISO as possible. If I can use the widest aperture possible, then I bring up ISO no greater than 800. For lowlight, I tend to use shutter priority if I need to brighten up the scene with my chosen lens.

I have read "Is this the right amount of noise?" For the most part and I think there is a point to where being overly picky is pretty obvious. Remember the noise you see on screen, will less likely show up when you do large prints. The file sizes of these sensors are extremely large and you can do a lot of work with them. Just my two cents


Thanks -- that's the idea I was getting on that thread too: that I am being too picky, at least with that set of images.  That's actually the answer I was hoping for rather than that I had bad copies of my lenses.

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