acrylic /metal / flatbed printing versus traditional photoprinters...

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Re: acrylic /metal / flatbed printing versus traditional photoprinters...

md lucero wrote:

I have done quite a bit of printing on flatbed printers. These are usually UV inkjet printers that use a very intense light to "cure" the ink onto almost any surface. These are popular in the sign industry because they eliminate the step of printing on, say, adhesive vinyl, then adhering it to a surface. Some of these printers are also solvent based...using heat to release the pigment (and evaporating) the solvent carrier) onto the surface..

All of this is technical mumbo jumbo..what really matters in my opinion is matching the media to the image. Exotic picture frames, for example, often get in the way of the image. My opinion...Have Fun!

Hi lucero...  I am going to pass doing this for this show but am going to experiment a bit before committing to a full set with a few mini pieces to get a sense of it. The printer company I found is in the midwest somewhere and is going to optimize a few samples to send back.. I get the impression its as you said, they make their money on on signs and interior art on a mass scale so this is a bit of a different format but it seems like one they are quite keen on... In a way its an interesting way to add an element of texture to a piece



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