Nikon 300mm f/4 tripod collar revisited

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Re: Could you try another, simple test please?

Maybe the real benefit of the so-called LLT is that it can compress a spongy footing to correct a stiffness problem at the points of ground contact, and maybe it helps pre-load spongy tripod heads as well. Other than that I've been skeptical of trying to solve a vibration issue by contact with a moving object (the human). And don't worry if Leonard disagrees with you. Always certain, but not correct quite as often.

On another topic: A couple of weeks ago people roundly ridiculed a Manfrotto accessory that directly provides triangulation via a rigid bar going between the camera socket and a point some ways down a tripod leg. Obviously this would be cumbersome to set up in field use, but employing the same structural technique that works so well in race cars, spacecraft, and skyscrapers can't be 100% bad.

The range of offerings of photographic tripods, as a general rule, are fairly, shall we say, minimal compared to what is available in the astronomy world. Those guys (starting at mid-range prices anyway) know how to preserve mechanical cross-section all the way up from the ground. Thickness delivers stiffness.

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