Poor review for 16-50 e mount

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Re: Poor review for 16-50 e mount

I love the 16-50, and bought for when I just want to take pictures casually.  I have the Zeiss 24 and the 50 OSS as well, and an adapter for my Leica R primes (35, 50, 90, 135), so the 16-50 really only adds the medium wideangle range to what I already have, and I tend to shoot at 35mm (24 on APS-C) most of the time.

The Zeiss 24 lives on my NEX7 and is my first choice when I don't need pocketability.  Likewise, when I carry a bag the Zeiss is usually on the camera and my other primes get more use than the zoom.  But this thing is so small collapsed that it always has a place in the bag (or a pocket if I carry only the Zeiss) and for when I don't want to bother with any gear at all, the NEX7 with 16-50 is as small as it gets for this level of quality.

One thing that really impresses me after the 1.02 firmware update is that the correction of the 16-50's serious optical flaws is now handled in RAW as well as JPEG.  This alone lifts this lens from something I would previously only use for casual family-type photos into something that I also use for creative photography.

Outstanding for what it is.

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