For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

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I'm hearing your dilemma

for I have both systems: MFT + D600 (+ Sony Rx100)

The Rx100 is with me all the time but the IQ lags behind the other 2 systems and DOF is hard to control

MFT is a bit better overall especially used with bright lenses; street shooting is fun and accommodating; I find the IQ lagging the D600 a bit, especially at high ISOs

The behemoth D600 is huge compared to the other 2 but the IQ, low ISO noise,  and DOF control are superior (besides longer battery life, fast AF, better use of flash, better grip ...)

For street shooting with the D600, I usually use the 50mm f1.8; if I want more variety then I mount the Tamron 24-70mm f2.8

I have to admit that shooting with the D600 would intimidate the subject more but after a while you 'll learn to work with your subjects and make them feel at ease

If i could deal with the D600 all day long I'd take it along with me since the IQ is not a compromise, low or bright light, and I love the ability to have shallow DOF

If not I'd use the MFT system

If I only have one system I'd be satisfied with MFT and learn to work around its shortcomings

In your case, it's a bit tougher, it's either or decision, and only you can make that decision for yourself

One thing you can do is to borrow/rent a D600 for a weekend and go out and shoot with it and see if it fits your shooting habit for the long haul


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