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anthony mazzeri wrote:

It shows if you are the actual target market for this camera. Or not, in which case any opinions are irrelevant.

If opinions were irrelevant, maybe the K-01 would have sold better. Ask Pentax or any marketer of products and services: opinions matter.

If our collective opinions didn't matter then Pentax (and everyone else) could have a different sort of marketing campaign: WE SAY IT'S GOOD SO BUY THIS (that's it)

And so you declare you are not actually the target market for any such camera as the K-01 which lacks a viewfinder, so why post your opinions about it?

Oh, I don't know... could it be because we are discussing mirrorless cameras in a forum largely devoted to mirrorless cameras made by Ricoh or Pentax? Aha, that's why!

If I were to use your logic against you, only Pentax has reason to form opinions as to why it didn't sell because it is their product. In this restricted world of discussion, our opinions as to why the product was a giant flop, sales wise, mean nothing so using your logic we shouldn't even talk about the subject at all. While I realize that is exactly what you hope for, puzzling me to no end, such a world would be quite boring indeed.

I have to assume K-01 sales must have been harmed by the tidal waves of negative opinions and comments by those who aren't even the target audience.

I have to assume K-01 sales were harmed mostly because it's big and even in the home market (Japan) big is out, small is in. Did it sell well in the home market?

Did yellow sell better than black? If so, chalk one up to the fashion angle.

Which is a great shame really as it's actually a great camera for its intended market,

What is its intended market?

which the resounding positive feedback from those who did buy it supports. For a mere $300 and change right now some lucky people would be able to buy a brand new SLR-mount camera with the capabilities of and two years newer than a D7000 or K-5,

At $300 it's a great bargain if it fits the buyer's needs. If it doesn't fit then it's $300 too expensive.

but probably won't because they'll believe all the negative opinions.

Frankly I don't see what stating the obvious (is it bigger than other compacts? does it have X or Y feature?) could possibly do to dissuade someone from buying the camera. The camera either works for you or it doesn't. I can't recall reading horror stories about actually using the camera, so objections have everything to do with design. If a camera can't stand up to a little discussion about design then something is wrong.

If the camera worked for me and I bought it, I wouldn't fret about what others think but would probably buy another one on deep discount. One black, one yellow. In fact I wish the camera did work for me so I could get a bright yellow version - I kinda like it.

To be honest, I'm glad the design failed because through failure Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company will have learned a lesson and will, hopefully, do better next time.

In the meantime if the K-01 fits one's purpose, it's undoubtedly great at producing images so enjoy.

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