Nikon 300mm f/4 tripod collar revisited

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Re: Nikon 300mm f/4 tripod collar revisited


Thanks for the info. Hmm. Surprised me a little that there wasn't much effect, at least under good conditions. (I suspect windy conditions would like a weight there, if only to lessen the chance of a disaster...)

My Gitzo, a 3550LSV, has no center column and no hook. I think the replacement models might have included a hook on the bottom of the head mount.

Check for an empty 3/8-16 thread socket at the bottom of the tripod plate. Maybe your model of tripod was supposed to come with a hook installed in it, but they forgot to include it. One came with my 3-series tripod.

I took out my Gitzo hook because it's too shallow and a camera bag strap can slip off so easily. You aren't missing that much. I replaced it with a J-hook that I bought from a local hardware store. It's ugly but it cost less than $1 and it securely holds anything I have suspended from it.

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