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Re: What do you think

abluesky wrote:

Have any of you guys actually used the K01?

I got one to supplement my GRD4 and I've been blown away.

Planning on investing in the K mount now.

There is something simply odd about how disconnected the criticism of the camera is from actual use.

Nah ... don't get us wrong.  We are all sure that it is a great camera, just missed our comfort spot an hit the funny bone - ouch!

The "designer" design does not seem practical but the works are brilliant.  Just give a camera user a chance to re-shape it a bit and re-release it as a proper users-camera.  I am sure that the folks on here would do it for free which has to be a lot cheaper than Marc Newsom's fee.

Would not mind one myself but more for an ornament to furniture design as I don't have enough PK mount lenses to do it justice and in any case the GXR-M with a PL adapter must be a handier and quite as efficient package right now.  It might be the only piece of Marc Newsom design I could ever afford.  maybe that has an appeal of it's own.  Newson/Newsom ?  Never quite sure.

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