Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: So what's the point...

MMuddler wrote:

So what do i get for the trouble? I haven't answered that. I'm not sure it's worth the bucks for better ISO and a tiny (?) bit more resolution.

Don't get me wrong, you've done an interesting analysis.  But, it looks like you're coming to a similar conclusion as I did.

Further, I'm not sure the D7100 in 1.3x crop actually gives you better high ISO performance than a D300.  Shooting that way cuts the area of the sensor almost in half which has a significant impact on the amount of visible noise in a final image.  You're likely to get performance very similar to the best 4/3 cameras (same sensor area as 1.3x crop), which last time I checked on the Olympus OMD-EM5 (a very good 4/3 camera), it had high ISO performance about the same as the D300 (according to DXO).

So, until we get more definitive data from actual field tests and measurements, it seems like all these work-arounds just get you in the same neighborhood as a D300 with the plus being that you have 15MP left instead of 12MP and the minus being that you have lossy compressed 7fps instead of lossless compressed 8fps (I have the grip on my D300 to get 8fps) and you have a bit smaller buffer and you had to buy a new camera.  Right now, that doesn't tempt me.

There are certainly non-action scenarios where the D7100 would beat the D300 IQ by a bunch (Nikon does make good progress in sensor design in 5 years).  But, what I'd rather do is get a no-compromise D400/D9000 (if it comes) for action and either use that for non-action too or, if I really want good high ISO for non-action or max DR/resolution for landscapes, get a used D600 or D800 for that.  Then, I'd have the best of both worlds rather than one camera that was a compromise for both.  My guess is that a D400/D9000 will be good enough for all of my uses so I'd have one camera that suited all my needs.  I'm going to wait longer and see if a D400/D9000 comes.

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