Lightroom 4.4 RC and ACR 7.4 RC - Tests/Results

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Ryan Williams
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Re: Lightroom 4.4 RC and ACR 7.4 RC - Tests/Results

I'm getting some really weird results with Lightroom 4.4. On the one hand, the RAW conversion has definitely been improved in terms of fidelity and colour rendition (although it's worth noting that there's a significant difference between the RAW colour tonality and the 'Fuji colours' Provia JPEGs have).

On the other hand, there's madness like this:

SOOC JPEG 100% crop:

Lightroom 4.4 100% crop (no adjustments):

I'm sure I don't even need to say it, but the JPEG reflects how the scene actually looked. There wasn't any blue in the real-life scene at all. I'm seeing similar oddities occurring in other photos using high ISOs too (3200–6400), colours just not reflecting their real-world or SOOC JPEG counterparts.


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