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Re: What do you think

Harold66 wrote:

Good riddance

Point is . The thing is I keep reading that the GXR has too low sales volumes to stay afloat. I for one am sure that a GXR with the 16MP and no alias filter with an AF APS module with a 24mm or 40 mm equivalent would sell a lot better than this Pentax awful design


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you might be very right.

I also think that Ricoh could make a M240 alike camera with M-mount, and make some nice M-mount ricoh lenses. (what about a 24-28-35-50 and a 30-90 zoom with M mount ? they would sell it to future M owners and could sell it to GXR owners and to virtual owners of a virtual M240 clone with HQ EVF and without rangefinding mechanism).

Their reputations would still (but for how long?) permit to do such a move.

Imagine a FF foveon sensor (makes also nice B&W!), a GXR size body or slightly bigger, a HQ electronic viewfinder, and M-mount.  Would i be the only one to buy this in a minute?

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