Fuji XP1 beats Nikon on "Birds In Flight" shoot-out!

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Re: Fuji XP1 beats Nikon on "Birds In Flight" shoot-out!

Zardoz wrote:

I think you'll find you're quite mistaken about focal length vs diffraction. Read up on the circle of confusion and airy disc.

Why the f/64 people were not bothered is that they were shooting a ​much​ larger format, 8x10.

Maybe I am wrong, I don't mind, but then format doesn't make any difference at all, if I understand the reasoning Uwe Steinmuller quotes. f/64 has the diffraction of f/64, whether the negative measures 8x10 inches or more, or only 24x36mm. It might also be the case that both lines of reasoning are correct, each within their own limit. What comes to mind is the pinhole camera. Up to a certain point, the size of  a pinhole that works is relative to the size of  the image projected - the pinhole can be proportionally wider when you want a larger projected image. But only up to a point, after which the required size of the pinhole becomes absolute, that is, when you make it any wider it just doesn't work anymore - regardless of the size of the image.

I would love to have this matter decided by someone who not only knows his/her theory (not me - I am just thinking out loud) and who has practical everyday knowledge of photography. Anyone out there?

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