Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

Started Feb 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Completely unscientific

Alphoid wrote:

The Sony a77 is advertised to shoot 1080p video. In fact, it appears the sensor shoots something around 720p, which is further cropped by 20%. Then the whole low-res video is digitally upsampled to 1080p.

Cute, huh? I wish I could at least get out a native resolution video stream. It would save size, and limit degradation from upsampling to non-native resolution.

What do folks think? I'll cross-post to other forums later.

There are many possible reasons for video that appears soft. To jump to the conclusion that it's 720p upsampled to 1080p is ridiculous.

And the idea of using still images as a surrogate for a video frame is no less ridiculous. Still images, even at the same resolution as a video frame (and from the same camera), often look crisper and sharper than a video frame. They also have entirely different color spaces and compression techniques, both favoring the still image over the video frame.

All in all, very weak "proof" and nowhere near a smoking gun.

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