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sroute wrote:

abluesky wrote:

Have any of you guys actually used the K01?

Not me. Why should ownership or use be a prerequisite for determining if the camera is likely to work for us as individuals? If we have to try everything to find a good photographer-camera match, there'll be no time left for photography. Someone we as buyers need to filter down what's available to fewer choices from which to evaluate or pick.

Sizing up the K-01 didn't take long for as is often the case with any new camera, there is nothing particularly revolutionary about it, but the unconventional choice they made in terms of going with a full size mount certainly lends itself to judgement. If the overall size or Newson design doesn't phase one much then look deeper. I stopped looking when it came to the lack of an eye level finder.

It shows if you are the actual target market for this camera. Or not, in which case any opinions are irrelevant.

And so you declare you are not actually the target market for any such camera as the K-01 which lacks a viewfinder, so why post your opinions about it? I assume you don't go and publicly list cons of Casio P&S cameras as being the lack of viewfinders? So why do it with the K-01?

If you were actually the target market and bought one, and then formed a negative opinion then that's a whole different matter - your opinion would actually have meaning.

Otherwise you're just panning a product as a failure orun appealing for no better reason than it wasn't actually meant to appeal to you in the first place. What's the point of doing that?

I have to assume K-01 sales must have been harmed by the tidal waves of negative opinions and comments by those who aren't even the target audience. Which is a great shame really as it's actually a great camera for its intended market, which the resounding positive feedback from those who did buy it supports. For a mere $300 and change right now some lucky people would be able to buy a brand new SLR-mount camera with the capabilities of and two years newer than a D7000 or K-5, but probably won't because they'll believe all the negative opinions.

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