Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re:Now that Nikon have entered with a m43 ratio

bluelemmy wrote:

I am not seeing much hope for Panasonic especially the GH3 either, I think that was a mistake too, people want compact m43, GH2 was as big as they needed to go, they could of slimmed the GH2 down for the GH2, after all Olympus did and added real power and ibis, I think the GH3 is bad compared to the GH2 and was a step backwards, what next!

Why do you think everyone wants the same as you?

Agreed. One of the reasons I now have a GH3 is precisely because they made it a decent size once you add the grip.

It's still too small for all the buttons on it IMV and they get pressed too accidentally. Ideally for me it would weigh what it weighs now but physically be the same size as a Nikon D3.

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