Fuji x100s - aperture dance and focus-priority mode

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Re: Fuji x100s - aperture dance and focus-priority mode

knowmostofit wrote:

GaryJ12 wrote:

I'm very interested in the Fuji x100s. I emailed Fuji Uk recently to ask two questions;

1) Is the aperture dance exhibited by the x100 cured

2) Will a focus-priority mode be supported as it wasn't in the x100

This is their reply;

"We can confirm that the "Aperture dance" issue will not happen on the X-100s camera.

We regret there is no Focus Priority setting on the camera. We will however forward your comment s to our design team in Japan for their consideration."

I really don't understand the lack of focus priority mode in the X100s, surely this could easily be implemented in firmware? or am I missing something.

I must admit I've not had a problem with aperture dance, to be honest I don't even know what it is. My X100 just takes pictures.

As far as focus pririty goes, yes I'm all about choice and it would be good to be offered the choice, but I again I haven't had any problems with the X100's Release Priority. It takes pictures and most times the pics I take are in focus. Occasionally I'd sooner have the ability to take an out of focus image than be restricted by the camera not to take an image at all.

But yes, it would be good to choose.

'Aperture dance' is an ambiguous term. The X100 will vary the aperture as you wave your camera around pointing at bright things and then dark things. (Except it won't do this if you have OVF power save turned on and your using the OVF). Some people call this phenomenon the 'aperture dance'. However, when the ISO "committe for the naming of things that cameras do" convenes it is hoped that this use would be outlawed and the only behavior to which it would apply would be the seemingly extra aperture movements that the camera makes in really bright light at exposure time. There is a video here:


that tries to document this, but the poster unhelpfully refers to it as "shutter dance" just to maximize ambiguity.

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