RX-100 and BonJovi at First Niagara Center Buffalo NY

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Re: RX-100 and BonJovi at First Niagara Center Buffalo NY

gulffish wrote:

A terrific set, nicely done! How do they look full size and what ISO settings were you using? Thanks for sharing. The pocket rocket is amazing.

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They look ok to very good. If you zoom in a great amount they are not pristine, just the way it is. With my eye I try to not overcrop, so most images in what we do are set, meaning the view you have of the image is the best it can get, depending in the ISO. I shot everything from 800 to 6400, depended on the shutter I wanted which varied, i did some extreme locked in shots at 1/30, if not slower, damn if I try that with the D3 in most cases, just my opinion. The RX-100 lets you get some decent results at some really slow shutter speeds.

AND thanks for the Kudos! have a great day!

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