D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

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Re: D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

mosswings wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote: Nikon should tak ethe extra DR of the newest sensors and put th emidtone gray a notch below the standard way, then adjust curve. 4EV would be awesome, there would be still 6 clean EV below midtone gray to deal with shadows, another 4EV for the noisy part.

Why they haven't done it yet is a mystery to me

But they have. Even better, they made it scene dependent. Feeel the power of ADL....

Well, yeah, but only on ultrasecretsuperhigh strength. And then you have to shoot RAW to avoid all that yucky ADL processing. And wonder just how much highlight room it bought you.

But man, those ADL'd JPEGs feel really nice.

(Hey did you notice! We've got wink emoticons now!)

Emoticons!  Yay!  :clap (Know that one isn't going to work....but a man can dream).

I think I'm going to just add a D7100 to my cameras as long as there are no major IQ or mechanical gremlins that pop up in mass.  I just can't bring myself to get rid of the S5.

But that means I'll be able to do a really random comparison for everyone....D7100, D700, and Fuji S5

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