D700 to D600, any thoughts?

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Re: D700 to D600, any thoughts?

I made the switch from D700 to D600 and I don't regret it.  My main concerns were the AF module, the 1/4000 shutter, and the lack of one-click magnification.

After a couple of months of use, my concerns have disappeared.  I had a D7000 at one point and found the AF to be erratic and inaccurate, especially with fast glass, but whatever Nikon has done with the module in the 600 has solved these issues.  I don't notice a difference between the D700 and D600 with my 35/1.4 or 85/1.4 with regard to speed and accuracy.  I do wish the D600 had the wider coverage area of the D700, but I've adapted to the smaller area.

The 1/4000 shutter hasn't been an issue.  The base ISO of the D600 is 100, while the D700 is 200, so they are essentially equivalent at base ISO.  I also have some ND filters I use.

The one click mag issue is something I've adapted to, but Nikon should be ashamed of this cheap ploy to scare off downgraders.  It's foolish.

On the plus side, D600 files are a joy to work with.  Plenty of DR and resolution and very low shadow noise.  I shoot RAW, so can't comment on jpegs, but default LR conversions are flatter with the D600 than with the D700.  I have a couple of default settings I apply on import, depending on what type of shots they are, and that gives me a better starting point.

Hope this helps. They're both great camera so there's no real wrong move.

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