Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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@tedolf - Its know as the ASTON KUTCHER EFFECT!

tedolf wrote:

The Nikon 1 system is doing nicely in the marketplace.

Nikon 1 is a failure in every market outside of Japan. In USA, Europe, or most of Asia, 1 series is a failure.  Most Asian countries tend to prefer Sony NEX name brand.  The other mirrorless # that is selling particularly well is the tiny Panasonic GF3 / GF5 series.  Both NEX-3 and GF3/5 are cheaper than Nikon 1, have bigger sensor, and are also physically thinner than V1.

V1/J1 only sale well recently due to the FIRE SALE @cameta Clearance. For example, HP Touchpad was a failure that gotten nowhere, it too went on FIRE SALE for $99 and HP too the the best-selling-tablet spot for a month. But when the sales end, it died.

Nikon V/J series can exist....but only IF its price below Micro43.

There is a huge soccer mom market for this camera and this is a good camera for them.

You're so right about that. Its known locally in LA as the ASTON KUTCHER EFFECT

I'll give Nikon USA Marketing credit to hiring the right actor for these cougar moms.

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