1st Day With NEX-C3, Few Observations

Started Feb 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Larry - you have to TURN OFF "Manual Assist = ZOOM-IN-ASSIST"

I'm not kidding when I said the one who design NEX menu system should be shot.


Turn it Off!  What not just call it what it is?  It took me a while to find it.  I have MF Assist off completely since PEAKING of the "entire scene" is more accurate than zooming-in check.

You are correct there is no physical button to activate/de-active zooming-in.  Like I said, NEX 3 series are a few buttons shorts of standard requirements.  Other than this ergonomic nightmare, I love the camera.

I doesn't bother me for 2 reasons: (1) I know where to turn it on/off now: (2) PEAKING is so accurate and so fast, there is no points in Auto-focus. which is prone to error.  The only time I used AF now is when I'm shooting children.  Everything else, I found myself prefer MF.  I can see EXACTLY how far my Depth of Field is with Peaking.  Its reassuring knowing that I can capture the entire landscap without having to know the hyper focal distance.  I have full control over my focus, I love it.

Larrytusaz wrote:

I noticed that with the 18-55mm if you have MF assist enabled then it zooms in (magnifies) while you're rotating the focus ring, and there's no way to turn that off yet also have magnification available to you at the press of a button to toggle off-on.

Does that bother you in anyway, or do you just (when using the Sigma) use peaking only anyway? What about when manual focusing?

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