D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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primeshooter wrote:

clarnibass wrote:

I'm half guessing, but it sounds like they changed the default FT in some "internal" way i.e. without seeing it in the interface. So you would still have +/-2- adjustment, but your starting point is now different (it seems). If you needed +20 for all lenses before, then possibly they changed your starting point (i.e. what now says 0) to what was previously +24. This would make -4 the same as +20 before. It seems like this is what they are saying, but it's not completely clear.

Re having problems at infinity or other focus problems, I would just test it and see you have any.

Have had an email back to say what they adjusted was not the AF fine tune figure and this number is something different entirely. I have no emailed back a response to find out exactly what was done to it and I will post here when I know. It's better but hmm, it's no where near the level of accuracy that the D700 and D3s had IMO, and that's in all lights, and light temperatures.

Quote from latest email:

We can confirm the numbers previous quoted by "Nikon employee I had been emailing" is different to the AF fine tune settings and we are sorry for any confusion that this has caused. We can confirm the all the settings with your D800 are within Nikon standard and regards to your query with focusing to infinity this will not be affected.

I was under the impression that there is a software offset value that can be applied to each AF point at the factory or Nikon Service Centers. So, each AF point can be fine-tuned in software. This allows them to adjust for mfg. variances in the positioning of each sensor.

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