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Re: Review/Impressions of the MS Surface Pro

skpman wrote:

Side note about myself, partially responding to the Mac vs PC war, I don't like Apple. Their products are good for certain people and they have their advantages, but I feel Android has surpassed iOS and OSX machines have always been overpriced. I don't like the closed-wall approach nor the way they do business. Jobs (RIP) was a genius, but an a-hole. I am excited to see where Win 8 is headed. The next generation of Intel processors (Haswell) should definitely make Win 8 Pro exciting.

Yes, I think the Mac PC debate has been done to death and is not one I engage in anymore. We're now at the point where people deserve exactly what they get. The information is out there, searchable, reference-able and in abundance. There really should be no-one being forced to make blind, badly informed decisions. Simply read, learn, choose.

I guess it's the new-comers who are in the worst position, perhaps having to start from scratch and due to all the conflicting information it may be hard to know even where to begin.

Thankfully, I think there is now plenty of scientific evidence that should make the decisions at lot easier.

Let's take the latest information, yesterdays announcement that Lightroom 4.4 has been updated with better support for Fuji X-Trans sensor based cameras.

Here's the download page:

The size of the Mac download is 421MB while the size of the Windows download is 769MB. And this pretty much reveals all that anyone really needs to know about the different systems.

It basically takes about 1.8x the effort to get something done on PCs as it does to do the same thing on Macs.

Sure, it's probably a flattened bell curve, and they'll probably be some at 0.89x to balance some at 800.02x, but in general, that's just how it is, and it seems pretty constant.

Now this isn't Apple magic, in this case it's all Adobe's work, but you will see exactly the same kind of ratio in Microsoft's Office, which is all Microsoft's work, and many/most other pieces of software. It's just a lot easier to get the job done on a Mac. It's almost like Einstein's Cosmological Constant, a strange number that just appears from nowhere but is somehow needed to make sense of everything that gets observed. In fact, the value required in lieu of the Cosmological Constant for the ratio between the energy and density of the universe, is actually in the same ball park as the Mac/Windows constant. So perhaps Einstein also inadvertently predicted that Macs are better than PCs. Spooky. And probably all the science you'll ever need to end the debate once and for all.


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