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But its ok.

The wait is over.

The first picture, 6.2 MB , was shot with the Nikon V1 .

Actually I have a Nikon V1 as you can check .

Check in this threat a picture of my camera and bag.

The second picture, _0318 , was shot with a Canon Powershot Elph 500 HS ( Ixus 310 HS ), a camera that I did recommend here often, a small jewel of a camera.

The Elph 500HS did render more details , as Hank3152 wrote.

He wrote:

" The pic on the right renders more detail overall and sharpness in the corners. ".

See ?

The Elph 500hs ( Ixus 310 HS ) is a small jewel.

More pictures shot by me with the elph

The only problem with the camera is that it has almost no buttons, just a touch screen that is not very sensitive .

What were the settings on each camera - shutter, aperture, ISO? What lens was on the Nikon?

The nikon lens was the 10-30 mm lens.

The settings ?

Not much different from auto.

In the canon I was using P program, auto white balance, auto ISO .

Auto Shutter Speed In the Nikon the same ( maybe the WB of the nikon was auto plus Magenta +1 Red +1 , but I am not sure.

Basically the settings were auto.

My point is that if one had a higher ISO, the other a lower ISO and wider aperture it basically negates trying to do an equal comparison. Without knowing this, I don't see how you can say it was completely valid.

Nikon V1 :

Iso 200
F 3.5

Canon 500HS

F 3.5
Iso 100

Same aperture.

Canon ISO was lower.

Anyway.., a camera is not a iso contest toy

A camera is suposed to take pictures. The camera is a whole package. If a picture does get the same exposure and a camera does perform that with ISO 100 and the other with ISO 200..., it does make no sense to claim comparison is not valid .

ISOS were not the same. So what ? As I wrote camera is not a toy designed to compare iso noise with other cameras.

If you want to do an equal comparison, with the same scene, then all other parameters should be the same. Maybe ISO 200 on the Nikon is a terrible ISO for this camera. I don't know, just playing devil's advocate. All ISOs are not the same on all cameras, so keeping everything else equal is important.

I do find it curious that the Nikon actually chose a slower shutter speed with the same aperture and higher ISO. It should have picked shutter speed one stop faster than the Canon, or the Canon should have been one stop slower than the Nikon.

( Besides some claim, somes brands , sensors, inflate their ISOS.They claim a ISO is 800 when actually its 400).

Camera is a machine designed to take pictures. Not a toy to compare nominal isos.

If I can get the same picture with a lower ISO ( and even faster shutter speed ), that is great and it is an advantage of the camera that does manage to get such result

What does count is the output .

All I'm saying is that when you do a comparison, the correct way is to vary only one thing at a time - in this case the camera - and keep all other parameters equal.

I own neither camera and have little interest how this turns out, so I'll let it go at this point.


Generally these arguments lead nowhere.

I guess I already did reply to you.

I know that when they compare cameras in review websites they compare iso 100 with iso 100 ( all other parameters equal) etc.

My reply to that is we are not comparing ISO toys ( Your ISO is better than my ISO).

This is not the issue.

I did compare camera output. Cameras where left to themselves. Output ( exposure) is not much different in both pictures. Being so my comparison is perfectly valuable.

What is the objective of a camera ? To compare isos with other cameras.., or to take pictures?

The objective, goal of a camera is to take pictures.

I shot a relatively similarly exposed scene.., and I did compare the results.

In that scene if I had choosen Nikon V1 ISO 100 . the scene would be very dark .

Would such comparison make sense ? No way.

I did compare 2 cameras in real live conditions.

One did choose ISO 100. The other ISO 200. So what ?

It might even happen ISO in the V1 is inflated ( I do not know).

What does interest me is " what picture can this machine take not in manual mode ".

This is what I tried to find out.

In that outdoor scene a ISO contest would not make sense anyway.

PS : It almost looks the results  did upset people. But thats the way it is. That`s what comparisons are for. To show people the REAL capabilities  of a camera in  REAL  conditions.

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