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johngophoto wrote:


Yes, getting it done by professionals can be expensive.... You can do it yourself, sure. But, what price do you put on your time? Scanning is, well, quite boring, & labor intensive. Clean. Load. Wait. Unload. Repeat. Then rotate, crop, & do minor color corrections on each one.

I cofounded & run, a leading scanning service, and we have really good equipment (you can call us for details). Since we do it all day every day, we have trained efficient staff & processes, & we can afford to use $30,000 machines to convert slides & negatives far faster, & better quality than you'd do yourself. It costs 44 cents per image, but we run promotions, & also let you delete what you don't want post-scanning, no charge.

So, if you want to buy your own equipment & murk through it, by all means I hope it goes well. I stay in business, though, precisely because of the many people who "intend" to do it themselves some day, but ultimately find it far better to use a little money to buy time, & let professionals perform this service for them.

Best Regards,

John @, co-founder & CEO

Awfully good to know! Thanks, John. This sounds much more reasonable and targeted toward entusiasts and professionals than many advertised services.


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